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New York Breast Augmentation with Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

Breast augmentation with breast implants in Westchester County, New York by Dr. Greenwald involves placement of a saline or silicone implant behind the breast. Candidates for breast augmentation include women who seek to augment the size of their breast because they feel their breast size is too small, to correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss, and to balance a difference in breast size. The implant is placed in a pocket created between the breast and the underlying pectoralis muscle (subglandular) or beneath the pectoralis muscle (submuscular). The implant is most commonly placed through minimal incisions located either in the fold beneath the breast (inframammary), at the junction of the areola with the skin of the breast (periareolar), or through the axilla (transaxillary). Most patients choose to have their breast implants placed through the inframammary or periareolar approach as these incisions provide the surgeon with the most precise control over implant placement.

Breast augmentation with silicone and saline breast implants is an outpatient procedure performed at Dr. Greenwald's ambulatory surgery facility located in Harrison, NY, located approximately 30 miles north of Manhattan and New York City.

Our convenient location allows Dr. Greenwald to easily perform breast augmentation surgery on patients from not only Westchester County New York, but also on patients from nearby Manhattan and Fairfield County, Connecticut. Dr. Greenwald understands that the decision to undergo breast augmentation is an important one. Dr. Greenwald knows the importance of educating you before, during and after the procedure as he firmly believes the most informed patients are also the most comfortable, confident and satisfied patients. Several before-and-after breast augmentation patient photographs are available on this website. Additional photographs are available for viewing in the office. Please contact our cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Westchester County, New York schedule a breast augmentation surgery consultation with Dr. Joshua Greenwald.

Below are frequently asked questions about breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman’s breast. In 2005, more than 350,000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed. It is one of the more common procedures performed by New York Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Greenwald in his Westchester County surgical facility.

There are many reasons women choose to have breast augmentation:

• She may feel her breasts are too small for her body
• She may feel that her upper body is out of proportion with her lower body
• She may have a significant size disparity between her breasts
• She may desire the larger breasts she had during pregnancy or prior to significant weight loss

For the first time in fourteen years, the FDA has approved silicone gel-filled breast implants for use by specially trained surgeons. Silicone gel-filled breast implants may be used on women who are at least 22 years old. Prior to the FDA's announcement, cohesive silicone gel implants ("gummy bear implants") could only be used for breast reconstruction patients, mastopexy-augmentation patients and previously augmented patients in need of a revision. Dr. Greenwald is approved to use these implants and is happy to offer them to appropriate patients. These new generation silicone-filled implants are made of a proprietary silicone gel formulation that holds its shape but remains soft, resulting in a more natural look and feel.

Prior to the FDA approval of silicone implants, most breast augmentations were performed with saline implants with excellent results. Dr. Greenwald anticipates that the majority of breast augmentations will continue to be performed with saline implants; however, there is no question that over time the demand for silicone breast implants will increase.

Breast augmentation patients are amongst the happiest cosmetic surgery patients. Please contact our cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Westchester County, New York schedule a breast augmentation surgery consultation with Dr. Joshua Greenwald.

During your initial breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Greenwald will inquire about your medical and surgical history including current medications and allergies. It is important to be thorough when discussing your medical history as safety is Dr. Greenwald’s top priority. Your full disclosure of all pertinent medical information prior to surgery will reduce the incidence of unwanted complications after surgery. You will discuss your concerns and motivations for seeking breast augmentation. Details of the breast augmentation will be discussed including incision placement, implant type and size as well what is expected of you preoperatively and postoperatively. The risks of surgery will also be discussed in detail. Numerous before and after photographs of actual patients will be reviewed during your consultation. Dr. Greenwald will be able to tell you where the incisions in the photographs are located as well as the size of the implants. Frequently, during this part of the breast augmentation consultation, the patient sees a photograph that she feels is most similar to the before and after result she would like to obtain.

You will then be asked to put a gown on. Dr. Greenwald will then make several important measurements to help determine the optimal implant size and shape for your particular body. Photographs will be taken. Dr. Greenwald will then review your photographs with you. Differences between the 2 breasts (i.e. asymmetry) will be noted and proposed incisions demonstrated. Computer imaging is an invaluable part of the consultation. You will also have the opportunity to feel silicone and saline implants during your consultation. Dr. Greenwald encourages you to ask any questions during you consultation. Following your consultation, you will meet with Missy, Dr. Greenwald’s patient coordinator, to discuss scheduling your surgery and answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask Dr. Greenwald.

Breast augmentation surgery is not an exact science. Although the majority of women experience no comp0lications, Dr. Greenwald will discuss potential risks and complications of breast augmentation surgery at the time of your consultation. Prior to undergoing breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Greenwald, it is important for you to fully understand the risks and potential complications associated with your procedure.

Once you have scheduled your breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Greenwald in New York, you will be given preoperative instructions that discuss everything from finances to follow-up visits after your surgery. Prior to your breast augmentation, you will need basic blood work and medical clearance form your primary medical doctor. You will receive prescriptions form Dr. Greenwald’s patient coordinator prior to surgery. It is important to have the medication prescriptions filled in the days prior to your surgery so they are waiting for you when you return home from surgery.

You will receive a list of medications (i.e. aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to avoid for 14 days prior to your breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Greenwald. Additionally, though there is no scientific proof that certain medications reduce bruising, swelling and pain after breast augmentation surgery, you will be asked to obtain Arnica Montana, Bromelain and Vitamin A pills to take prior to and after your procedure. Finally, the night before surgery, shower and wash as you would normally and do not eat or drink after midnight.

Dr. Greenwald performs breast augmentation surgery in New York at his private operating facility in Westchester County. The Ambulatory Plastic Surgery Facility (APSF) located in Harrison, New York is certified at the highest level by American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Our entire staff is dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction. A beautifully decorated reception area, comfortable exam rooms, private dressing rooms for patients preparing for surgery, and attentive care from our staff through all phases of your recovery help to make your entire surgical experience a pleasant one. Every measure has been taken to ensure your safety and comfort. Anesthesia services are provided by our own board-certified anesthesiologists who specialize in anesthesia for cosmetic surgery.

When you arrive at the APSF (Harrison, New York) for your breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Greenwald, you will check in and be escorted to the surgery suite. Dr. Greenwald, his nurses and the anesthesiologist will meet with you prior to your surgery.

If Dr. Greenwald feels a hospital is a more appropriate setting for your surgery, he has full privileges at several local hospitals including White Plains Hospital, Northern Westchester Hospital and Putnam Hospital Center.

Provided you are a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery, breast implants will provide you with the increased size and fullness you are seeking. The results will be long lasting. It is important to remember that your breast will continue to age on top of the implant. Breast shape may also subsequently change secondary to pregnancy and fluctuations in weight. Problems with the implants themselves are rare; however, implant rupture may occur and require the placement of a new silicone or saline breast implant. Maintaining a relationship with Dr. Greenwald after your breast augmentation surgery is important to help you address these changes and other concerns which may arise. Regular examination by Dr. Greenwald and routine mammograms for those in the appropriate age groups at prescribed intervals will help assure that any complications, if they occur, can be detected early and treated.
















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